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ARVIN DESIGN INC. is a Vancouver - based company. Founded in 2003, industrial design forms   the core of its activities. Arvin Design is a boutique design studio. Every project receives personalized attention; this is an integral part of Arvin's attraction. Today, Arvin Design provides a range of services, including short-run production, contract manufacturing, laser cutting, engraving, & marking services to small - medium - and large - sized businesses across Canada and Washington. The company was founded by Michel Arvin, who is an industrial and product designer. Its studio is conveniently located in downtown Vancouver. Arvin Design is operated by designers, artists, and engineers — we understand the key drivers in industrial design.


Serving:British Columbia Vancouver - Ontario Toronto - Alberta Calgary- Washington Seattle - California Los Angeles San Francisco - New York-Illinois Chicago -Texas Houston - Arizona Phoenix - Massachusetts Boston




Jewelry Design Arvin Design
Fashion accessories design & productions
Brass panel fiber laser cut, etch
Fashion Design - Jewelry Cut
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4 Axes CNC Machining Precisions
Watch laser etching marking engraving
Industrial Metal marking
Industrial Design Kitchenware
Dining Table CNC routed Plywood
Furniture Design - Arvin Design
Industrial Design Arvin Design
Self-Luminous Exist signs Designs
Architectural Commercial signs
Precision Laser cut Acrylic Plastic
Precision Micro Metal Machining
Silver Pendant Jewelry Design Cut
Scale Models Architectural
Knives Designs & Productions
UV Print on Metal Sample
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