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     Industrial Design - Product Development  - Manufacturing
     Effectively Serving : Designers, Architects, Artists,
      Manufacturers, Businesses, Entrepreneurs,Students.

-What is the Turnaround for a Project?

Small project: 3-5 business days. Large project 7-10 business days

-Is there a fee for making an appointment? No appointment is needed for drop off and pick up.

For design consultation, there is a $150.00 fee (30). minutes).


-Is there a fee for a Rush Project?

Yes. From $25.00 to $100.00.


-What is the minimum order quantity?

There are none.


-Can you provide a quote over the phone?

We are unable to provide quotes over a phone call.


-What information is required for a quote? 

we require all the details. We suggest emailing us to initiate the process. Standard project: Type of service + material type + Thickness + size + quantity + Finish + deadline + budget + etc..    


-Are you open on weekends?

We are closed on weekends. We answer emails on Saturdays.


-Does Arvin Design provide drawing services?

We provide 2D / 3D drawings.


-What are the payment options?

We accept Credit cards ( + transaction fee ) + eTransfer + Paypal


-Is there a minimum fee?

Yes. Our minimum fee is $100.00 ( there are exceptions )


-Do you accept small projects?



-Can you complete a project on the spot?

Unfortunately, we are unable to complete any project on the spot.


-What information do you need for design projects?

An email to initiate the process + We will send you a list of questions.


-How much does it cost to ship to the USA?

The shipping is free to the USA.


-How much tax must USA clients pay?

We will pay the tax to set off the customs fees.


Jewelry Design Arvin Design
Fashion accessories design & productions
Brass panel fiber laser cut, etch
Fashion Design - Jewelry Cut
Industrial Design By Arvin Design
Metal Part Micro CNC machining
Shim Stock Thin Metal laser cut
4 Axes CNC Machining Precisions
Watch laser etching marking engraving
Industrial Metal marking
Industrial Design Kitchenware
Dining Table CNC routed Plywood
Furniture Design - Arvin Design
Industrial Design Arvin Design
Self-Luminous Exist signs Designs
Architectural Commercial signs
Precision Laser cut Acrylic Plastic
Precision Micro Metal Machining
Silver Pendant Jewelry Design Cut
Scale Models Architectural
Knives Designs & Productions
UV Print on Metal Sample
Fashion accessories Designs
Display Designs Arvin Design Inc

Quality Work

A Multidisciplinary Design Studio. 

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