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     Industrial Design - Product Development  - Manufacturing
     Effectively Serving : Designers, Architects, Artists,
      Manufacturers, Businesses, Entrepreneurs,Students.



Max Table Size: 36" x 48" Max Power 150 WATT
Cut: Acrylic up to 1" thick - Plywood / solid wood up to 1/4" thick - Leather up to 1/8" thick - Paper / Card stock up to 1/8" thick - Aluminum 1/2" thick - Steel 1/2" thick - Stainless Steel 1/8" thick.


Deep Engraving: Metals, Plastics, Wood up to 1/8"deep. 
Marking : Metals


Jewelry Design Arvin Design
Fashion accessories design & productions
Brass panel fiber laser cut, etch
Fashion Design - Jewelry Cut
Industrial Design By Arvin Design
Metal Part Micro CNC machining
Shim Stock Thin Metal laser cut
4 Axes CNC Machining Precisions
Watch laser etching marking engraving
Industrial Metal marking
Industrial Design Kitchenware
Dining Table CNC routed Plywood
Furniture Design - Arvin Design
Industrial Design Arvin Design
Self-Luminous Exist signs Designs
Architectural Commercial signs
Precision Laser cut Acrylic Plastic
Precision Micro Metal Machining
Silver Pendant Jewelry Design Cut
Scale Models Architectural
Knives Designs & Productions
UV Print on Metal Sample
Fashion accessories Designs
Display Designs Arvin Design Inc

Quality Work

A Multidisciplinary Design Studio. 

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